The Ultimate Destination

The Brief

The client, a payment platform service, was looking to expand its client base within the fuel and convenience shop segment.

The client aims to help stores enable customers to make quick, secure payments whether they’re at the pump, the till, or still in the car by using one consolidated platform. Punch! designed three creative concepts that capture the way the client can help diversify services.

Creative 1 – The Ultimate Destination

Picture this – Instead of the typical holiday destination postcard; Rome, Italy, Las Vegas. The postcard destination is a petrol station, but not just your average fuel stop, one that is worthy of dream destination status, with add-ons, services and extras that you wouldn’t normally expect. 

The concept is vintage-looking postcards with a twist, to capture what the client can help bring to fuel & convenience stores – new and exciting services powered by the client’s payment platform.

Creative 2 – Redefining Convenience

The quest for convenience has always been driven by one thing: the rise of a busy lifestyle. People want solutions that can simplify their lives. And, convenience has taken a more tech-focused look. From voice-activated ordering to frictionless checkouts, drone delivery and app-powered retail.

This campaign creates a platform that enables the clients to help companies own the future of convenience. The creative aims to inspire potential, and imagine the possibilities if you could have your everyday favourites – like Jellyfish crisps – delivered straight to you by drone. Or an app-controlled robot that can wash your car.

Creative 3 – For Every Adventure

Our experiences in life are as varied as the people on this planet. For Every Adventure, visually brings to life the diverse range of characters whose journey’s intersect at fuel and convenience stores. Such as a less-than-stereotypical biker stocking up on his chihuahua Coco’s favourite food when he stops by.

With an illustration style that’s on-brand, Punch! delivered a quirky, eccentric, and inclusive design, demonstrating how the client’s payment platform can make life easier at convenience stores and petrol stations.

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