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B2B appointment setting sales performance metrics: 706m pipeline, 100+ meetings/month, 6-12X average ROI

How our lead generation service works

Discover our award-winning process for B2B lead generation.

Defining who to target

Develop your ICP and total addressable lead list
  • Our data research team identifies a list of accounts and contacts that fit your ideal customer profile (ICP), these are segmented according to agreed upon attributes, enabling personalised outreach.
  • Lead qualification criteria is determined to ensure quality and consistency.
  • Sales-ready triggers are deployed using sales intelligence, to notify our SDRs and improve outreach relevance and timing.
  • Finally, our SDRs are trained on your proposition, messaging and ways to overcome objections.
Lead Generation Database
Nurture flow for sales qualified lead generation.

Lead qualification

Our SDRs reach out, nurture and qualify leads ready for your sales team
  • Our SDRs reach out via multiple channels using personalised messaging based on segmentation.
  • Conversations are held over the phone, email and LinkedIn, to determine sales-readiness.
  • Contacts that are not deemed sales-ready are warmed up with relevant content and further 1-to-1 conversations.

Lead handover

Prospects are passed over to your sales team to close
  • After a prospect is qualified, we arrange a meeting with your sales team.
  • All prospects undergo our unique meeting confirmation process to minimise drop-offs and missed opportunities.
  • Our SDRs attend your prospect appointments, ensuring a smooth transition.
  • The outcome of each meeting is reviewed with your account manager during weekly catch-ups, where we agree on next steps. If an opportunity requires further nurture, our team collaborates with your sales team to secure the deal.
Calendar filled with meetings set by appointment setting team.

Meet your lead generation dream team

From our resident smooth talker to our data-driven strategy guru, each team member brings their own unique flair to your lead generation programme. Plus, with over 50 team members, we’re always ready to scale your activity according to your goals.

Client Manager

Sales Development Manager

Sales Development Representative


Data Researcher

Digital Campaign Manager


On average, our clients can expect 10-20 sales-qualified leads per month, in the form of scheduled meetings. However, this figure will vary based on the package you opt for, the unique factors of your proposition and the size of your total addressable market.

With 20+ years of experience providing best-in-class lead generation, we pride ourselves on the quality of leads generated for our clients. We understand that your ultimate goal is business growth, and that’s why we diligently vet and qualify prospects to ensure they align with your target audience, have genuine interest in your offering and the potential to drive meaningful results for your business.

Additionally, all of our lead generation reps receive best-in-class training and ongoing coaching to ensure prospects are nurtured and qualified to the highest standard.

We operate on a monthly subscription basis, as opposed to a pay-per-lead model, to ensure quality and real business results.

Paying per lead may seem appealing at first, but generates lower quality leads that can waste your sales team’s time.

Our monthly subscription model not only guarantees a consistent inflow of high-quality leads, but also the leads we provide are nurtured, vetted and ready to engage, making your sales process more efficient and effective whilst maximising your ROI.

In fact, our clients consistently experience an average 12X ROI, reflecting improved conversion rates and deal sizes.

No, you don’t need to provide us with data to get started. We have a dedicated team of data researchers and access to a robust data tech stack, including our proprietary intelligent database packed with a vast network of B2B contacts.

Our skilled lead generation reps are based in the UK and South Africa and are a talented group of native English-speaking professionals.

We have in-house French and Spanish and if the scope of work warrants it, we can bring into the team most European language speaking lead generation reps. For example, we have run programmes into Germany. That being said, we do find that if you’re targeting large organisations, targeting them in English is advantageous.

While there is a ramp-up period, we strive to deliver your first sales-qualified lead within 30 days of execution. In fact, we’re so confident in our ability to deliver results that we offer a money-back guarantee if we don’t meet this timeline.

We serve businesses across multiple sectors. From technology, healthcare, finance and professional services, our telemarketing services have helped a wide array of ambitious B2B brands connect with their target audience, secure meaningful appointments, and drive business growth.

Typically, our lead generation outreach commences within 4 weeks of onboarding as a client. Which means we’ll be connecting you with your prospects in no time! During the four weeks, our team will be strategically aligned and fully trained on your proposition and messaging. Book a discovery call today if you’d like to know more.

We have a number of lead generation packages and can also offer tailored solutions. To determine the ideal package to maximise your ROI, we invite you to book a discovery call with us. Once we understand your requirements better we can provide you with a quote.

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