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Accelerate your business growth by filling your pipeline with exciting sales opportunities.

Professional telemarketer cold calling for B2B telemarketing service.

Fuel your pipeline with ideal clients

Solve major sales challenges with our modern telemarketing services.

Volume of leads is low

Add 100+ business opportunities to your calendar, yearly

No time to build an in-house team

Results within 30 days, proven 12X ROI

Struggling to reach C-suite prospects

Meetings with decision makers only

Lots of marketing leads but no one is following up

Improve attribution by turning leads into sales opportunities

Real-life success stories

Our telemarketing services are proven to help B2B brands grow.

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B2B appointment setting sales performance metrics: 706m pipeline, 100+ meetings/month, 6-12X average ROI

How our telemarketing service works

Discover our award-winning process for B2B telemarketing.

Crafting your message

We develop game-changing messaging that resonates with your ideal clients
  • First, our strategy team immerse themselves in your business to fully understand your audience, value proposition and the challenges you solve.
  • Our skilled copywriter works closely with your team to craft your telephone outreach messaging, using best-in-class sales practices and the latest insights.
  • Punch! telemarketing reps are trained on your proposition, messaging and effective ways to overcome objections.
  • Finally, we build you a database of leads within your total addressable market (TAM), ready for outreach.
Telemarketing outreach messaging for decision makers and influencers.
Telemarketing team making outbound calls to generate leads.

Phone outreach

Our telemarketers speak with your prospects 1-to-1
  • Initial phone calls are made in order to clean the data, establish decision makers and build relationships with your ideal prospects.
  • We A/B test your messaging to see which messages work best for your prospects. 
  • Contacts are nurtured until they are qualified and ready to speak with your sales team.
  • Conversation notes with your prospects are logged into the CRM, providing valuable insights for your sales team.

Lead handover

Prospects are passed over to your sales team to close
  • When a prospect meets your qualification criteria, our telemarketing team will book a meeting between them and a member of your sales team.
  • All prospects are well taken care of as they enter into our game-changing meeting confirmation workflow, avoiding any drop-off or missed opportunities.
  • The outcome of each prospect meeting is discussed with your account manager in your weekly catch up, and next steps are agreed.
  • If an opportunity requires further nurture, our team work collaboratively with your sales team to close the deal.
Calendar filled with meetings set by appointment setting team.

Meet your telemarketing dream team

From our resident smooth talker to our data-driven strategy guru, each team member brings their own unique flair to your telemarketing programme. Plus, with over 50 team members, we’re always ready to scale your activity according to your goals.

Client Manager

Sales Development Manager

Sales Development Representative


Data Researcher

Digital Campaign Manager


Our telemarketing service can play a crucial role in your marketing plan by helping you to achieve a number of business goals:

  • Generate high-quality leads & book appointments
  • Nurture marketing leads into sales-qualified opportunities
  • Boost attendance at events
  • Follow up with event attendees
  • Identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities
  • Carry out research into your audience
  • Complete customer satisfaction surveys

And that’s not all. If there’s something specific you’d like to discuss, book a call with our team today!

On average, our clients can expect 10-20 sales-qualified leads per month, in the form of scheduled meetings. However, this figure will rise based on the package you opt for, the unique factors of your proposition and the size of your total addressable market.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our phone prospecting. With 20+ years of experience, we’ve built a unique word-class training programme that ensures our telemarketers are utilising the latest and greatest in phone outreach and nurture techniques, representing your business to the highest standard, whilst generating exciting new business opportunities.

As well as this, all of our telemarketers receive ongoing coaching to maintain high spirits and exceptional results for our clients.

No, you don’t need to provide us with data to get started. We have a dedicated team of data researchers and access to a robust data tech stack, including our proprietary intelligent database packed with a vast network of B2B contacts.

Our skilled telemarketers are based in the UK and South Africa and are a talented group of native English-speaking professionals.

We have in-house French and Spanish and if the scope of work warrants it, we can bring into the team most European language speaking SDRs. For example, we have run programmes into Germany. That being said, we do find that if you’re targeting large organisations, it’s fine to target them in English.

While there is a ramp-up period, we strive to deliver your first sales-qualified lead within 30 days of execution. In fact, we’re so confident in our ability to deliver results that we offer a money-back guarantee if we don’t meet this timeline.

We serve businesses across multiple sectors. From technology, healthcare, finance and professional services, our telemarketing services have helped a wide array of ambitious B2B brands connect with their target audience, secure meaningful appointments, and drive business growth.

Typically, our phone outreach commences within 4 weeks of onboarding as a client. Which means we’ll be connecting you with your prospects in no time! During the four weeks, our team will be strategically aligned and fully trained on your proposition and messaging. Book a discovery call today if you’d like to know more.

We have a number of telemarketing packages and can also offer tailored solutions. To determine the ideal package to maximise your ROI, we invite you to book a discovery call with us. Once we understand your requirements better we can provide you with a quote.

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