Leads, leads, LEADS for Lumi!

The Brief

Lumi approached Punch! with a need to generate more sales qualified leads and to promote Lumi to a wider audience. Lumi is a technology enabled service provider who develops software to support real-time audience engagement, facilitating more than 4,500 meetings each year across 40 countries.

Lumi’s current inbound marketing strategy was generating MQLs, but the leads needed nurturing and ultimately converting into opportunities. Punch! was tasked to convert MQLs into SQLs as well as generate additional opportunities by engaging with net new logos.

The Solution

Punch! conducted sales development outreach on behalf of Lumi. The sales development team used multiple channels such as personalised videos, the phone, email sequences and LinkedIn outreach to help Lumi to stand out from the crowd, and generate sales qualified leads.



Meetings booked across different regions, including UK, USA, SA, Canada and Australia.

Lumi has been working with Punch for a couple of years now, and across a range of target audiences and geographies. Their work has been transformational for us, accelerating our prospects through the conversion journey, and delivering high quality leads. The ROI on the investment in Punch is significant, and has been sustained across all of our activity.

I have been constantly impressed by the team at Punch, and the level of understanding they have of our business, products and services. They are genuinely an extension of our sales and marketing teams, and I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Kerry Leighton-Bailey | Chief Commercial Officer @ Lumi

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