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Our people are core to everything we do. By combining exceptional talent, world-class sales training, and an unwavering focus on results, we empower you to take your sales success to the next level.

Your sales dream team

From our resident smooth talker to our data-driven strategy guru, each team member brings their own unique flair to your sales development programme.

FAQ's about your team

There are over 40 of us in the team at Punch!. We’re made up of Sales Development Managers, Sales Development Reps, Digital Campaign Managers, Data Research Managers, Strategists, a Talent team and a Senior Leadership Team.

You’ll have a team that consists of at least two dedicated SDR’s, a Client Manager who’ll be your day to day point of contact, a Sales Development Manager who’ll be responsible for leading the SDRs, you’ll also have a Strategist, Data Research Manager and depending on which package you opt for, a Digital Campaign Manager too.

The Punch! team is based in the UK and South Africa.  We support clients all over Europe and northern US.  We have two teams that operate in different time zones to ensure you’ll have global coverage.

Our SDRs are all native english speakers with english being their first language, however, we are also able to deliver in local languages based on your requirements and the package you opt for. 

Coaching & training beyond compare

We’ve nurtured a culture of growth and our team never stop learning. With over 40 years of collaborative experience in sales development, our training and coaching is second to none, and we’re not afraid to shout about it! Learn more from the people that make it happen.

FAQ's about training & coaching

The team are provided daily coaching to ensure they’re following best practice sales development techniques. In addition, they go through a comprehensive training path that ensures SDRs know how to communicate, listen and close.

We’ve developed a plethora of training courses for our SDR team. These include How to Reach the DM, Listening & Questioning, Overcoming Objections and Closing.

Yes absolutely.  Our longest term relationships with clients are very much integrated partnerships where you’ll see our SDR team as an extension of your own sales team. With that, the more we can immerse ourselves in your world the better.

Yes – if there’s something specific you’d like your team trained on and we have the materials to do so, we’d be very happy to enrol your team onto the training path. 

Culture that changes the game

We believe that a strong culture is the foundation for exceptional performance. Our focus on creating a positive and supportive environment allows us to attract and retain top talent, and drives success in delivering high-quality sales qualified meetings for our clients.

FAQ's about Punch! Culture

Over and above offering a healthy commission scheme to our SDRs, we run monthly games and offer a catalogue of prizes that the team have the opportunity to unlock based on performance.  We also run other internal initiatives such as ‘You’ve Got FanMail’ and ‘Champion of the Quarter’ to reward high achievers. We’ve found these initiatives have helped us develop a strong supportive culture that strives for client success.

We have 5 company values – We Have Positive Energy, We are Accountable, We are Humble, We are Empowering, We are Tenacious.  We recruit, reward and retain based on these values.  These values have allowed us to build a team of individuals who are aligned and working as one.

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