Turning Events Into a Pipeline of Opportunity

The Brief

HUT 3, an award-winning digital marketing agency, found themselves in a common predicament after attending industry events. While their dynamic sales team excelled at having engaging conversations and gathering promising leads, they struggled to find the time and resources to effectively follow up and convert these connections into clients.

Recognising that the agency was missing out on a significant pipeline of potential business opportunities, HUT 3 sought Punch! to help them to nurture post-event relationships and capitalise on their networking efforts without overburdening their sales team.

The Solution

Our award-winning SDR team at Punch! stepped in to help HUT 3 maximise their event ROI. By leveraging our outsourced SDR expertise, HUT 3 could focus on delivering exceptional work and driving interest at events, while we handled the crucial follow-up process.

Punch! reached out to six months’ worth of accumulated event leads, engaging attendees through social messaging, personalised phone calls and emails. Armed with a deep understanding of Hut 3’s brand and services, our SDR team booked meetings, revived dormant leads and created new opportunities for Hut 3.

We also implemented a CRM system to ensure seamless collaboration and to track deal progress. Our efforts extended beyond event follow-up, expanding outreach to new targets.

In just six months, the Punch! SDR Team had made 4,936 phone calls and sent 1,157 emails, resulting in over 100 qualified leads, a deal with a dream client, and $60K in new business revenue for HUT 3, with even more growth on the horizon.



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