Expanding Overseas with Sojourn Solutions

The Brief

Sojourn Solutions helps marketers around the globe improve their operational capabilities by getting the most out of their technology investments. They support businesses by reviewing their tech stack and operational performance to help drive better marketing results for clientele in the UK, EMEA, and North America.

Punch! Sales were tasked with assisting Sojourn in expanding its customer base and revenue through sales development. With its HQ in the US, Sojourn wanted to grow its presence in the UK market, with the aim of becoming the number 1 choice in the UK.

The Solution

As part of Punch’s sales development execution for Sojourn, a combination of channels and tactics were used to increase awareness around their services. 

These included personalised 1:1 videos, email, telephone and LinkedIn outreach. 

The multichannel approach was initially used by the sales team to get opportunities and build pipelines with Sojourn’s target audience across an 80/20 split in outreach for the UK and the US respectively.

During our ramping period, Punch! began adapting methods to see what worked best for Sojourn.

At this time, it became apparent that LinkedIn and telephone outreach were more effective methods than video. Due to the complex nature of Sojourn’s service offering, the SDR team found that having a direct conversation was the best way to understand the problems that target accounts were facing, and to inform them of Sojourn’s solution. 

As a result of the sales development programme, Punch! has created multiple opportunities for Sojourn at high revenue organisations, from a £13 billion Global Food Production organisation to a £23.75 billion telecommunications giant.



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