£760k Breakthrough in New Industry Vertical

The Brief

Basware, a leading provider of financial software solutions had an ambition to diversify its market footprint, but faced the daunting task of entering an industry where they had no prior foothold or experience: the transport and logistics sector. So, they sought our help and expertise to help them to navigate several challenges that they had identified:

  1. The transport and logistics industry was new to Basware, and they lacked experience and knowledge of the sector.
  2. Investing in a dedicated SDR team would require significant investment and resource allocation.
  3. Entering an unfamiliar market posed risks to Basware’s operations, as the success of the expansion was uncertain.

The Solution

By leveraging our industry-specific experience, coupled with our proprietary data warehouse, we pinpointed Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) accounts that showed the highest potential for Basware – ensuring that our sales development efforts would be targeted and effective.

We then developed a powerful GTM plan for Basware, focused on building demand and generating leads to fuel their expansion. Through our best-in-class account based marketing and sales development, Punch! SDR’s executed a successful multi-channel campaign that not only built a strong pipeline for Basware but also provided instant market feedback.

This direct line of communication with the market significantly equipped Basware with critical insights into market demand, customer preferences, and potential barriers – further informing marketing communications and strategic optimisation for the expansion.

Our partnership with Basware is a testament to the power of outsourced SDR, leveraging industry expertise and advanced technologies in sales development to achieve successful market entry and growth.

Through our collaborative efforts, Basware not only successfully launched into the transport and logistics industry but also realised a significant pipeline worth £760,000 within the first three months and achieved an astounding 1077% ROI.



SQL’s generated in the first 3 months


SQL’s value



Punch!’s relentless focus helped drive awareness and more importantly open doors to generate pipeline in a very competitive landscape. The campaign’s success encouraged us to scale it to the U.S. and the rest of the world, resulting in developing the pipeline of further markets for Basware.

Jenny Cleary | Director Global Demand Generation @ Basware

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