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Target your efforts, tailor your approach; a team dedicated to strategically engaging and converting top-tier prospects.

Professional telemarketer cold calling for B2B telemarketing service.

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Solve common sales challenges with our account-based services.

Average deal size too low

Gain access to top-tier accounts with healthy budgets

Complex sales cycles

Increase deal velocity with our multi-tactic approach that engages entire DMU

Difficulty aligning sales and marketing

Align teams with a unified go-to-market strategy

Low conversion rates

Leverage Punch! Sales Intel. to target in-market accounts with messages that resonate

Real-life success stories

Discover how our ABSD services have fuelled the growth of B2B brands.

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B2B appointment setting sales performance metrics: 706m pipeline, 100+ meetings/month, 6-12X average ROI

How our account-based SDR service works

Discover our award-winning process for ABSD.

Strategic account selection

Leverage our data-driven approach to identify accounts
  • Your sales and marketing leaders engage with our ABSD strategists in a pivotal planning session, focused on your key business goals and market opportunities.
  • Utilising our Global Proprietary Data Warehouse, we identify top-tier and in-market accounts that perfectly align with your Ideal Account Profile (IAP).
  • Our team employs advanced sales intelligence from our Sales Intel Engine to craft personalised messages that truly resonate.
  • Rigorous training ensures our ABSD experts are fully versed in your proposition, the nuances of targeted accounts, and effective objection handling.
Telemarketing outreach messaging for decision makers and influencers.
Telemarketing team making outbound calls to generate leads.

Multi-channel, multi-contact engagement

Direct interaction with your high-value accounts
  • We reach out to your high-value accounts using a multi-threaded approach, engaging multiple contacts within each account for maximum impact.
  • Our team utilises an array of channels including direct calls, personalised video, email, LinkedIn, and even direct mail, ensuring a versatile and effective outreach.
  • Every interaction is diligently logged, providing a clear view of each account’s journey and engagement level.
  • Accounts are nurtured over time with a mix of tactics, including personalised content, tailored resources, and ongoing rapport building.

Advancing opportunities

Moving key accounts towards successful deals
  • Upon effectively engaging and qualifying an account, we coordinate strategic meetings between them and your sales team.
  • ABSD representatives attend these critical meetings, ensuring a smooth transition and a unified understanding of each account’s specific needs and potential.
  • Regular strategy sessions with your account manager allow for the assessment of each engagement and the formulation of informed next steps.
  • For accounts that require further nurturing, our teams collaborate to keep accounts engaged through to close.
Calendar filled with meetings set by appointment setting team.

Meet your SDR dream team

From our resident smooth talker to our data-driven strategy guru, each team member brings their own unique flair to your account-based sales development programme. Plus, with over 50 team members, we’re always ready to scale your activity according to your goals.

Client Manager

Sales Development Manager

Sales Development Representative


Data Researcher

Digital Campaign Manager


ABSD treats each account as a unique market, involving a dedicated team targeting multiple stakeholders within a prospect’s company, rather than one salesperson targeting a single contact​.

Our Account Based Sales Development service can play a pivotal role in you to achieve a range of business objectives:

  • Increase deal sizes
  • Improve sales team productivity
  • Increase deal velocity amongst key accounts
  • Personalise messaging to key stakeholders
  • Enhance lead quality and conversion rates

And that’s not all. If there’s something specific you’d like to discuss, book a call with our team today!

We use our Global Proprietary Data Warehouse and advanced sales intelligence tools to analyse market data, identifying accounts that align with your Ideal Account Profile (IAP) and have the highest potential for conversion.

The number of leads varies based on your specific market, campaign goals, and target accounts. We focus on quality over quantity, ensuring each lead has a high potential for conversion.

We take great pride in the high quality of our phone prospecting services, backed by over 20 years of experience. Our unique training program ensures our account-based sales reps are skilled in the latest phone outreach techniques for having genuine, rapport-building conversations.

Our team is trained in engagement strategies tailored to the unique needs of every stakeholder within an account, from decision-makers and influencers to end-users.

Furthermore, we provide ongoing coaching to maintain high performance and spirits. This continuous investment in our team leads to outstanding results for clients, ensuring every call adds value to your business and strengthens your market position.

Results can typically be seen within a few months, but the exact timeline varies depending on factors like market complexity and the nature of your targeted accounts.

No. While having existing data can be helpful, it’s not necessary. We can leverage our data warehouse and intelligence tools to build a solid foundation for your ABSD campaign.

Our skilled account-based sales development reps are based in the UK and South Africa and are a talented group of native English-speaking professionals.

We have in-house French and Spanish and if the scope of work warrants it, we can bring into the team most European language speaking SDRs. For example, we have run programmes into Germany. That being said, we do find that if you’re targeting large organisations, it’s fine to target them in English.

Direct mail is used as a personalised touchpoint in our multi-channel approach, helping to create a tangible connection with key accounts and complementing digital outreach efforts.

We serve businesses across multiple sectors. Ambitious B2B businesses, particularly those in technology, finance, and healthcare sectors, often see significant benefits from ABSD due to our focus on high-value, long-term relationships.

We don’t just provide leads. We employ a number of nurture cadences and strategies, continuing to engage your accounts with tailored content and communications, adapting our approach as needed to align with their evolving needs and timeline.

Typically, our phone outreach commences within 4 weeks of onboarding as a client. Which means we’ll be connecting you with your prospects in no time! During the four weeks, our team will be strategically aligned and fully trained on your proposition and messaging. Book a discovery call today if you’d like to know more.

Our account-based sales development is a tailored solution. To determine the ideal scope to maximise your ROI, we invite you to book a discovery call with us. Once we understand your requirements better we can provide you with a quote.

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