Sales Development

586 SQL’s generated for technology expense management company

The Brief

The client is a leading provider of technology expense management services, helping businesses to manage their telecom networks, technology expenses and more. The services allow businesses peace of mind when tracking their telecom, mobility and SaaS expenses.

We have been working with the client for a number of years offering them an outsourced SDR team across the North America and EMEA regions to scale their sales development. In this campaign specifically the client needed to focus targeting the North American market with a view to acquiring high-quality opportunities and create deals for their pipeline.

The Solution

The Punch! data research team identified a group of target ICP accounts. The sales development team utilised this list and employed a multi-channel sales development programme to generate qualified prospects.

Having tested a number of outbound channels, it became evident that phone outreach was the most effective way to secure high-quality meetings. Many prospects were not in-market for the service solution. The sales development team needed to build relationships with prospects to gain an understanding of where they were in the buyers journey. By gaining this insight, the team were able to figure out the prospect’s buying window. Punch! then nurtured target accounts and ensured that when the prospects time became right for reviewing current solutions, the client was a key contender and in the front of the prospects mind.



SQL’s generated


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