Compare In-House vs. Outsourced SDR Costs

Are you considering expanding your sales team by hiring a Sales Development Representative (SDR)? Understanding the true cost of hiring an SDR can be complex, as it involves more than just the base salary. Our comprehensive “True Cost of Hiring an SDR” calculator helps you make an informed decision by comparing the total expenses of an in-house SDR versus an outsourced SDR solution.

Why Use Our SDR Cost Calculator

When it comes to scaling your sales efforts, knowing the detailed costs associated with each option is crucial. Our calculator breaks down all the hidden expenses, including:

    • Recruitment and Hiring Costs
    • Salary and Bonuses: Base salary plus performance-based incentives.
    • Employment Taxes and Benefits: For UK companies that includes employee national insurance and pension contributions, whilst for US companies social security, medicare, FUTA, SUTA. For US calculator please use this link.
    • Training and Development: Initial and ongoing training expenses.
    • Overheads: Office space, equipment, user licenses, administrative support and more.


Benefits of the Calculator

  • Accurate Cost Comparison: Provides a clear comparison between in-house and outsourced SDRs.
  • Budget Planning: Helps in accurate financial planning and budget allocation.
  • Strategic Decision-Making: Assists in determining the most cost-effective approach to scaling your sales team.

Use our calculator to gain insights into the true cost of hiring an SDR and make the best decision for your business growth. Whether you’re looking to hire in-house or considering an outsourced SDR agency, our tool will provide you with the necessary data to make an informed choice.

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