Building A Land Of Opportunities For China Telecom Europe

The Brief

China Telecom Europe (CTE) is a leading provider of global connectivity and ICT solutions. Acting as a digital silk road between Europe and the China-APAC region, its multinational team enables smooth cross-regional communications. CTE created a guide titled ‘Doing Business in China and APAC’ to help clients navigate their way through new markets.

CTE came to Punch! looking for a way to bring the guide to life. It was agreed that an interactive web experience should be built made up of buildings, characters and zones that each represented different aspects of the guide.

The Solution

Punch! began by breaking down the whitepaper into three districts, and building a map of how to visually represent the different areas of the virtual city. Each building and section of the district also represented a specific part of the guide, from trains being a ‘welcome’ figure introducing the land; to a racetrack with one car representing CTE’s international ethernet private lines (the solution is built around speed, and you’re the only one on it).

The key focus was cutting through the noise for the CTE target audience, and making the land of opportunities so huge and diverse that it was easy to get lost in there- reinforcing CTE’s message of being the helpful guide to navigate through.

The team then created an outline, mapping out exactly where each building was going to sit, highlighting the different districts with different colours. Four colourways were then presented. And finally, the illustration was born.

The map was then built into an interactive website, and broken down into smaller parts to use for social assets, a cheat sheet and infographic

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