Sales Development Campaign Example
Sales Development

80X ROI in 12 months for global company

The Brief

Crown Worldwide is a global company operate in over 260 countries. They offer a wide scope of services, from digital records management to turnkey relocation services.

With critical pipeline targets, Punch! were employed to increase the number of qualified opportunities being generated through a more targeted approach.

The Solution

Punch! knew that generic messaging wouldn’t cut it in a competitive market. To overcome this challenge, Punch! identified ideal customer profiles (ICP) relating to each division of Crown. We then identified the specific challenges faced by prospects in each vertical and developed market specific messaging.

From this, the Punch! SDR team were able to implement a highly personalised sales development approach. The team used 1:1 personalised video messages, social selling, email, direct mail and telemarketing. All communications were personalised for the prospects that Punch! identified as the relevant decision makers.



Sales qualified opportunities in the last 6 month


ROI delivered


Contacts identified

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