Sales Development for Global Tech Company
Sales Development

3 million in pipeline generated in 6 months for global tech firm

The Brief

This global tech client was looking to bring a new service line to market – an inbound e-invoicing solution. It needed help launching the product; raising awareness of the new solution and generating sales qualified leads (SQLs). With a clear and ambitious goal of generating 80 new opportunities in the first year, they partnered with Punch! to fuel their pipeline with next-level sales development.

Because this was a completely new line of service, the client was unsure of its ideal customer profile, total addressable market or buyer personas. The in-house team wanted Punch! to support the strategic planning required to create a go-to-market plan and help build a healthy pipeline.

The Solution

Firstly, Punch! conducted secondary research to identify the right buyer persona and discovered three best-fit streams for account targeting and outreach activity. With support from the client’s e-invoicing specialist, Punch! established that target accounts needed to be processing a minimum volume of invoices in comparison to the size of the organisation to benefit from the client’s e-invoicing solution.

Armed with insight, Punch! leveraged personalised video messaging as one of the initial outreach tactics. This allowed for longer conversations with prospective customers to articulate the client’s value proposition.
However, after seeing some great success using LinkedIn, it became apparent this was where the target audience spent most of their time. Punch! optimised the programme to focus on communicating with the audience on LinkedIn, and achieved outstanding results.



Opps generated in 6 months


SALs converted into SQLs


Pipeline generated

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