This One Platform Will 3x Your Sales Conversion Rate

Ever heard of a digital sales room? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. A recent poll showed 35% of people have no clue what it is. But trust me, it’s a revolutionary tool for sales teams.

In our latest episode of B2B Outbound we’re joined by Rory Sadler, the founder of the sales enablement platform, Trumpet.

In this podcast, we break down what digital sales rooms are, how they can help cut deal times down and increase conversion rates by 3x – as we’ve seen for ourselves here at Punch!

Whether you’re a sales rep, sales manager, or senior executive, this podcast will give you the need-to-know on this game changing tool.

So what  is a Digital Sales Room Anyway?

Rory, founder of Trumpet, breaks it down:

“Think of Trumpet as a buyer enablement platform. We built it to centralise the buying journey from pitch right through to renewal.”

In simple terms, it’s one link with everything your prospect needs to say yes. Demo recordings, security docs, action plans – all in one spot.

Why Should You Care?

James from the podcast drops this bomb:

“We’ve seen our conversion rates improve by 3x since January.”

That’s not chump change, folks.

The Buying Journey Sucks – Here’s How to Fix It

Let’s face it, buying stuff for your business is a pain in the ass. Rory gets it:

“You can look at all the Gartner stats… it’s just very hard being a buyer.”

Digital sales rooms smooth out the bumps. No more messy email chains or lost documents.

Alignment is Key (and Usually Missing)

Chris points out a big win:

“Every prospect of Punch gets exactly the same experience, whether it’s me, whether it’s Adam, whether it’s James, or whoever.”

No more rogue sales reps doing their own thing. Everyone’s on the same page.

The Handover from Hell

You know that awkward moment when sales hands off to customer success? Yeah, it often goes badly:

“One in four deals actually fall through during that time because onboarding takes too long and things have gone wrong,” Rory explains.

Digital sales rooms keep the conversation flowing, so nothing gets lost in translation.

Making Your Buyers Do the Work (In a Good Way)

Chris shares a sneaky benefit:

“We’ve actually seen clients going back into it, checking it a week later, ticking things off… They’re almost self-qualifying themselves to buy.”

It’s like a to-do list that sells for you. Pretty sweet, right?

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Rory drops some knowledge:

“HubSpot said about 70% of deals are single threaded. If you’re single threaded, there’s a 5% chance that deal is going to close. As soon as you go to multi-threaded… you’re looking at a 35% chance.”

Digital sales rooms make multi-threading a breeze.

Stand Out from the PDF-Pushing Crowd

Let’s be real, everyone’s sending the same boring PDFs. Rory nails it:

“How do you stand out? You know this can be a really personalised way of doing that.”

The Future is Collaborative (and a Little Bit AI)

Rory’s crystal ball says:

“We want to take Trumpet to this next level of revenue intelligence, helping companies work on the right deals at the right time in the right way.”

Expect AI to play a big role in making buying and selling smoother than ever.

Ready to Give It a Shot?

If you’re tired of lost deals and messy sales processes, a digital sales room might be your ticket to smoother sailing. Don’t be the last one to jump on this train.

Listen to the full episode here.

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