The Sales Advantage – How Drift and Punch! Drive Growth for B2b Brands

As a B2B marketing agency, Punch! is always looking to partner with the most innovative tech companies with tools that can make a difference for its clients and propel them towards their goals. Today, Punch! is pleased to announce a new partnership with Drift, the high-performance conversational marketing platform.

Introducing Drift

The startup, which this week announced its unicorn status says it is out to “reimagine the B2B buying experience.” By using its software, Drift’s 50,000 customers can bring together sales and marketing teams on one platform to deliver personalised conversations.

Drift’s conversational marketing platform adds a new layer of performance in account-based marketing approaches. As an agency, Punch! spends a lot of time and puts a lot of effort into driving traffic from target accounts to its clients’ websites and landing pages. Before Drift, visitors may not get the support they need at that moment, and they lose interest. A Drift chatbot closes that loop, stopping you from losing leads and also by adding a bit of spice to the conversion. 

The Drift tool also integrates with other solutions that Punch! recommends to its clients –  including Turtl and Cyance. When you combine these tools, you create something more than just a tech stack; it’s an ecosystem that drives unparalleled growth.

Driving Future Growth

As an agency obsessed with growth, Punch! is looking forward to getting started with its new partner. Drift will help the agency support its clients through the end-to-end customer journey; cutting through the sales cycle and capturing more high-quality leads. 

Clients come to Punch! because we’re one of the few agencies in the market that understand the entire funnel. Our background is sales, so the growth mindset is firmly bedded into our culture. We are approached by a lot of challenger brands who are looking to be disruptive in the market; they need support from building awareness all the way through to closing opportunities to drive their growth plans. We know how to bring all that together – where marketing powers sales and sales powers marketing. Tools like Drift are exciting because it fits in with the entire customer journey. When you combine the power of Drift with our fundamental sales expertise to get more deals over the line, significant revenue growth is sure to follow.

Chris Muldoon
Co-founder & Managing Director, Punch!

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