Brush Up Your Abm Skills: Free Resources From Punch! Partners


Looking to level up your ABM skills? This comprehensive free certification course covers the fundamental principles of an account-based marketing strategy, and tactical, real-life recommendations and examples for running ABM campaigns.

The Account-Based Strategy Certification: Fundamentals course is designed for B2B professionals who are looking to:

  • Understand and evaluate the benefits of ABM
  • Build a business case for ABM at their organisation
  • Launch their first ABM programme
  • Improve or scale an existing ABM programme
  • Or, just level up their knowledge on ABM best practices

The course features five lessons led by seasoned professionals in the ABM industry. Once all lessons have been completed, learners will have the option to earn a certificate and digital badge by passing a timed, multiple-choice exam.


In a world flooded with instantly forgettable content, account-based marketing (ABM) promises to help your message rise above the rest and resonate with that one person who can get you the sales meeting you need. ABM Personalisation at scale delivers results and many companies have great success with ABM. However, some have struggled to get it right. Turtl discusses the issues of being relevant, measuring engagement, and scaling your ABM without killing it.

See how Turtl customers use content automation to deliver high-impact personalisation at enterprise scale in this guide, and learn:

  • Why personalisation is so hard to scale
  • How to create a platform for effective personalisation at enterprise scale
  • What real-world content automation results look like

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